David Grey Eagle

David Grey Eagle, who is a member of the Iroquois Mohawk Confederacy Bear Clan, was born in Scarborough Ontario in 1955. His Mohawk name is Aut day day gar Low, Ah quis, which means Grey Eagle He Who Sees The Light. Grey Eagle lives at the headwaters of the Don River. His family, including grandmother, Aunt, and cousins also live in Ontario. All his life Grey Eagle has striven to protect his ancestral land. In 1999 he launched a Court Case against the Government of Ontario for non-consultation over Indigenous Land Sales in Ontario, and in a historic decision in 2002, even though they vehemently denied it, the Provincial Government was found Guilty on all counts. He is an accomplished writer, has written a novel, entitled The Stained Road, that is being adapted as a TV Series, and has sold a feature length Hollywood movie, The Truths Shall Be Known, that chronicles the history of his Mohawk Nation. As a result of dedication to his Mohawk ancestry and the planet, Grey Eagle lives by The Great Tree of Peace and the Great Law that through his birthright entitle him as Protector of the Eastern Door through which all life enters our world, and as a Healer. As Protector he speaks for Mother Earth, all animals, all peoples, The Singing Waters and The Singing Trees, and all life.  He leads events like the Indigenous Traditional Chiefs and Leaders (10 days) where he drummed, sang, and performed opening and closing ceremonies as official Host. For the Prime Minister’s Office he has performed ceremonies for the Canadian Parliament. Grey Eagle has been Senior Advisor on the Aboriginal Board of the Metro Toronto Zoo, where he has performed numerous Ceremonies with his beloved Grizzlies to reconnect people with the Natural World and educate millions of visitors. He is honored to welcome all participants and to lead Opening and Closing Ceremonies for our International Renewable Energy Academy at York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies.