Nicole Risse

Nicole is a specialist on sustainable energy, with a particular focus on the Ontario energy sector. She was instrumental in driving forward the Ontario Green Energy Act, and the development of the
20/20 Roadmap framework that currently drives OSEA's vision and policy work.

Nicole engages regularly with the OSEA membership, as well as with policy makers and regulators, to advance the sustainable energy sector in the province. With a focus on inter-disciplinary collaboration, she aims to strengthen OSEA's role as a trusted advisor, advocate, and partner, promoting a sustainable approach to building resilient communities in healthy environments.

Prior to joining OSEA, Nicole was the Director of the Europe-Korea Foundation, the charitable arm of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in South Korea. She has also coordinated campaigns and events across Europe, Asia and North America, with a focus on stakeholder outreach, interactive engagement and grassroots mobilization.