Climate Solutions Parks

Our work on designing and implementing Climate Solutions Parks (CSPs) began in advance of COP25 and has continued until today. The links and files below provide an overview of our work and we will continue to post here updates as we progress.

CSP Overview:

Our earlier work on Climate Solutions

Summary of the CSP concept

Executive Summary of our early CSP work

Overview of our CSP Locations

CSP Training and Educational Experience Report 2019-2024 (coming soon)

CSP 2024

During the summer of 2024 we are working on a community dialogue aimed at gathering local views that will inform the development of the CSP that we are designing and building at 144 Fox Street in Penetanguishene, Ontario. Historically, this amazing site has hosted a community garden known as the Ecology Garden and our aim is to document the work done there by past generations while mapping the current ecology and cultural realities of today. Our dialogue is informed by related processes currently underway in other Ontario communities such as Vaughan and Markham.

Our work on Climate Solutions if informed by the scientific findings of the Drawdown Project, Prescriptions for Nature, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada