Karolina has extensive experience in climate change mitigation and sustainable development, with focus on law and policy. In her current role as legal counsel in the European capital of Brussels (Belgium), she advises private sector clients on risk management within the realms of environmental, energy, health and safety laws. Her projects span across both civil and common-law jurisdictions worldwide. Prior to moving back to Europe, Karolina, who comes from Poland originally, spent almost 12 years in Canada. Most recently, she worked for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry where she contributed to projects at the intersection of natural resource management and Indigenous law. In this role, she supported the development of policy and negotiation proposals implicated in the first modern day treaty in Canada – the Algonquin Land Claim. In addition, she participated in proceedings in the course of the Williams Treaties litigation.

Before joining the public sector in Canada, Karolina co-managed York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants – a consultancy focused on sustainable business practice. While managing a team of consultants, she provided services for clients in areas such as triple-bottom line strategy, competitive analysis and performance benchmarking. As a researcher, Karolina supported advancing the mandates of several NGOs, eg. the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics, Sustainable Energy Initiative and Toronto Harbourfront Centre’s REFOCUS. Prior to shifting gears back to her roots in climate change law, Karolina had worked in diplomacy as a legal officer for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Toronto where she facilitated proceedings concerning a variety of foreign affairs program areas such as human rights, social security matters, family and immigration law.

In 2016, Karolina joined the Executive Board of Directors of Emerging Leaders for Solar Energy (ELSE). ELSE is a not-for-profit that envisions a sustainable energy future where solar plays a key role in Canadians’ everyday lives and where young professionals and students have a strong voice in energy policy. While chairing the Events Committee, Karolina planned and facilitated outreach and engagement initiatives. She had since moved on to an advisory role with ELSE’s Board of Advisors.

Karolina holds a Master of Laws from Nicolaus Copernicus University and a Master in Environmental Studies from York University, with a graduate diploma in Business and Sustainability from Schulich School of Business. Outside of work Karolina enjoys running, yoga and motorcycling. Most recently, she took up surfing and sky-diving.