Matthew Harris

Matthew Harris has more than 17 years of experience in the renewable energy and sustainability fields. Educated in architectural design with a focus on restorative and regenerative principles, Matthew holds a vision of a built environment focused on the story of place. These ideals run parallel with the mission and vision of Solar Energy International whom Matthew joined in 2004. In his time with SEI Matthew was the initial lead project manager on the planning and development of SEI’s 7-acre Renewable Energy Training Facility in Paonia, CO, Co- coordinated SEI’s Green Building program, and helped to launch SEI’s Programa Hispano, which he now serves as its Business Development Manager. The Programa Hispano aims to establish SEI as a leading renewable energy training provider for Spanish speakers, with a focus on Latin America. Matthew and his team have brought SEI’s Spanish training’s to over 6 countries including online learning, training over 3,000 Spanish speakers since 2013.

Matthew lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Alexis, two cats Magic and Percy, and his six solar cookers. When Matthew is not working to fulfill SEI's mission he spends time as an Improvisational comedian, playing soccer, spending time in Colorado's beautiful mountains, and drinking Yerba Mate.