Michael Ross

Michael Ross has over 20 years of experience working with clean energy systems. Prior to starting his own consulting firm in 2003, he held research positions with CanmetENERGY, a major wind energy consulting firm, and the Advanced Energy Systems Group of the Department of Technical Physics and Mathematics at Alvar Aalto University. He has taught clean energy and industrial energy efficiency courses across Canada as well as in Europe, Africa, and South America. In addition to consulting extensively for RETScreen® International, Michael does research in photovoltaic and other renewable energy systems and provides analysis of the technical and financial viability of clean energy projects. His clients, which include the Government of Canada, SNC Lavalin, Hydro-QuĂ©bec, the Asian Development Bank, and Decentralised Energy Canada, have contracted him to perform a diverse range of studies, including building energy modeling, combined heat and power system evaluations, wind energy resource assessment and site selection, assessment of snow/icing losses and mitigation methods for wind turbines and PV systems, quantification of greenhouse gas emissions associated with various energy technologies, and development of sea ice data assimilation software.  Michael has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo.