Shahab Shokrzadeh

Dr. Shahab Shokrzadeh is the Research, Innovation, and Training Director of the newly created International Renewable Energy Academy, aiming at promoting experiential education and innovative pedagogical strategies for a sustainable energy paradigm. His main areas of expertise are in a wide array of technical, policy and economic aspects of the transition towards a 100% renewable energy system. Dr. Shokrzadeh holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Manitoba with the focus on the integration of renewable energy and the transport sector through battery repurposing of electric vehicles. He was also educated in engineering and management at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, and in mechanical engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran.

He also holds a postdoctoral position at the Sustainable Energy Initiative at York University on energy storage technology and policy, particularly in support of the large-scale integration of intermittent renewable energy. He also contributes to the research on the integration of solar energy and electrified transportation, and the development of new intermodal transportation solutions powered by clean energy. Dr. Shokrzadeh has several industrial collaborations such as a simulation study of the emerging electric vehicles for the Natural Resources Canada, and an experimental testing of Li-ion batteries of electric vehicles at the Manitoba Hydro. His industry background also includes a training on alternative fuel technologies in the Netherlands, as well as working in the automotive industry and auto part manufacturing as a mechanical engineer.

He published works include several journal and conference articles on renewable energy technologies, energy policy and electrified transportation. He has also been invited to referee for several scientific journals on energy policy and sustainable transportation. His publication on applications of advanced statistical methods in the wind energy industry has been among the most popular research paper on the IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy for the last 3 years.

Dr. Shokrzadeh is also a registered Professional Engineer in Canada.